Variant launches white label credit application option for merchants

Variant has created a new white label credit application option for its merchant client based.  The new application interface allows a merchant to have their logo appear on the application for [...]


Customer financing option for golf simulators

At the PGA Show in 2017, Variant Financial met with multiple manufacturers of golf simulators and related products. These products can range in price from $3,000 to over $20,000 and they were in [...]

Primary program for classic car transmission company

Variant worked with the executives for a well known transmission modification company that specializes in transmissions for classic cars.  After a corporate re-structuring, they needed a sales [...]

Billing Program for Career Training Provider

Sourced and implemented a billing program for a career training provider.  Students need manageable payment plans to afford the costs of career training programs but often have a hard time [...]

Software Financing Program for Embroidery Products

Company doing direct sales needed a prime program to finance their suite of products, including technical design software and embroidery products for recreational use.  Variant developed a [...]

Primary Program for Electric Bike Manufacturer

Variant developed a primary program for an e-bikes manufacturer wanting to offer promotional financing for direct sales.  Company needed a solution that accommodated e-commerce sales model, with [...]

Infomercial Finance Program for Vacuum Manufacturer

A vacuum manufacturer needed a primary program that could integrate into an infomercial sales model.  Variant sourced an infomercial finance program designed for over-the-phone sales, enabling an [...]

Primary program for online jeweler with $12M in annual sales

Online jewelry company needed a program that would offer quick approval times with large loan amounts (some exceeding $15,000) and needed to minimize dealer cost because of margins.  Variant [...]

Primary program with integrated 2nd look for $10M Spa Manufacturer

Variant built a custom finance program for large global spa manufacturer and distributer.  Company initially requested a program to review the declines from well known bank whose approval rates [...]

Primary program for horse saddle sales and manufacturing company

A company specializing in high end horse saddle sales as well as custom saddle manufacturing contacted Variant looking for a consumer finance program to offer their clients.  They were looking [...]

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